We want you to know that we will never contact you to update or confirm your personal information or account information for any reason. If you receive a call or email of this nature, call Tallahassee National Bank immediately at (229) 226-3300.

Tallahassee National Bank will never sell your personal information to anyone.

We want you to know there are steps you can take to help safeguard your identity and your accounts. Here are some tips to follow.

Identity Theft

  • Don't include your Social Security number or driver's license number on sensitive documents.
  • Don't leave incoming mail lying around.
  • Drop your mail in an official postal mailbox.
  • Shred or destroy any junk mail before you throw it away.
  • Don't respond to unsolicited requests for personal or account information.
  • Use a safe deposit box to protect important documents.
  • Review your credit report at least once a year.
  • For more information about ordering free credit reports, go to the special Web site established by the 3 credit bureaus at annualcreditreport.com.

Learn more about ID Theft and Fraud

By staying informed, you can help protect your identity and accounts. Here are some articles to learn more about online fraud: