Cybersecurity Awareness

Due to recent increases in computer compromise techniques and other types of fraud, TNB would like to remind customers that we will never contact you by email or phone and request your logon ID, password, account numbers or any other confidential information. If you receive a suspicious call or email, immediately call us!

If you are a TNB commercial online banking and/or cash management customer we suggest you periodically evaluate these possible risks:

- How often do you change the password and who knows the password?
- Do you require employees to use complex passwords?
- Are your PCs protected from external threats such as virus, spyware, malware, keylogger or other types of compromise?
- Do you educate employees on how to spot phishing attempts and other types of fraudulent emails or scams?
- Are PCs secured after normal business hours?

The banking industry has seen significant changes in fraud. Fraudsters have continued to develop and deploy more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts. Rapidly growing organized criminal groups have become more specialized in financial fraud and have been successful in compromising an increasing array of controls. Various complicated types of attack tools have been developed and automated into downloadable kits. Fraudsters are responsible for losses of hundreds of millions of dollars resulting from online account takeovers and unauthorized funds transfers. We are providing security awareness information for your use and action to help protect your online account and transaction information.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us at (850) 391-9599.